Financial Fiduciary Services

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Service Description Licensed Fiduciary



Conservator, Personal Representative, Trustee, Agent Under Financial Power of Attorney, Conservatorship Accountings

·  Manage financial affairs; make all substantive financial decisions, communicate with clients, beneficiaries, families, attorneys, trustees, trust administrators, financial advisors, and others involved in client’s financial well-being

·  Administer financial affairs, recover, secure assets, manage banking/investment accounts, communicate with insurance companies and financial institutions, prepare financial status reports, court accountings/budgets/inventories, estate management plans, and other necessary financial health analysis

·  Coordination of client services and meeting with third party agencies

·  Court and telephonic appearances

·  Reconciliation of all accounts and preparation of monthly reports (i.e. profit & loss reports, sustainability, etc.)

·  Preparation of tax documents

·  Client visits

$100 per hour  

$85 per hour


Property Management ·   Inventory, obtain digital images, secure, and obtain appraisals, if appropriate, of property

·   Supervise maintenance of property, maintain records of all property

·   Coordinate with realtors and maintenance personnel to facilitate the sale of real property

·   Site and property visits

$100 per hour $85 per hour
Client Services ·   Maintenance of client files

·   Travels to Court for pick-up/drop-off

·   Travels to bank for deposits and other routine tasks which do not involve advanced fiduciary skills but provide a direct benefit to the client


$55 per hour   $55 per hour
Estate Termination Fee ·  Termination of decedent’s estates/trusts: A flat fee will be charged to cover necessary services after final distributions are calculated. Services may include, but are not limited to: preparation and mailing of final distribution checks, collection of data and subsequent filing of the final fiduciary income tax returns, mailing Schedule K-1 (Form 1041) to beneficiaries, filing closing statements and discharge by court, if applicable, and archiving/storing case files 6 or less Beneficiaries: $500 ($250 increments per six Beneficiaries after 6)

Medical/Healthcare Fiduciary Services

Service Service Description Licensed Fiduciary Non-Licensed



Care Management

·     Serve as a legal representative (e.g. Medical Power of Attorney, Temporary or Permanent Guardian, etc.) of care recipient(s). Work in close coordination with legal representation to comply with court reporting and documentation requirements

·     Implement actions to resolve concerns.  Monitor the care recipient’s physical and emotional well-being

·     Coordinate all medical, dental, vision, and related appointments and transport

·     Coordination and communication with geriatric care/case managers to ensure overall health care management (doctor’s appointments, transportation, prescription management, etc.)

$100 per hour  

$85 per hour


Shopping & Life Enrichment ·     A shopping fee will be assessed in the event that grocery, personal care, toiletries, furniture, or other miscellaneous items are purchased on behalf of the care recipient(s)

·     Care recipient(s) visits, as needed, to provide socialization and stimulation through activities, exercise, and/or other community programs

$45 per hour  





$45 per hour


Fee Schedule

Cost Charged Directly to Client

1. Check writing: $10 per check. Fee for preparation of check (includes review of charges by Fiduciary, entering of data for check and printing of computer check, review and signature by principal/licensed fiduciary, mailing of check, filing of copy of check with any supporting documentation, storage of digital copy of check and eventual shredding of hardcopy of records).
2. Mileage: Varies. Mileage incurred during the course of transporting care recipient(s) to/from medical, dental, vision, and/or other related appointments will be reflected as a separate entry on each monthly invoice. The mileage rate will be in accordance with the current standard mileage rate at determined by the IRS(IR-2015-137).
3. Postage: Actual cost.
4. Faxes: No charge.
5. Photocopies: No charge.
6. Printed color photos: Actual cost.
7. Long distance phone calls: No charge.
8. Storage of personal property: Actual cost.
9. Bulk shredding: Actual cost.
10. Shredding of small amount: No charge.


1. Fees and expenses are subject to change within thirty (30) days written notice to the parties as required by ARS § 14-5109.

2. Reliance Fiduciary, LLC employs the services of independent CPAs, Geriatric Care Managers, Financial Advisors, Attorneys, and other fiduciaries when determined by the fiduciary to be appropriate.

3. All services billed at an hourly rate will be billed at a 0.1 hour (1/10th of an hour) minimum increments. For example, .1 = 6 minutes; .5 = 30 minutes.

4. Reliance Fiduciary, LLC, under a court appointment, is mandated by Arizona Law (mainly Title 14 of the Arizona Revised Statutes), the Arizona Rules of Probate Procedure, and the Arizona Code of Judicial Administration. Reliance Fiduciary, LLC is subject to oversight by the Fiduciary Licensing Program of the Arizona State Supreme Court. In addition, many cases involve supervision and oversight by attorneys involved in the case, family, and other interested parties.

5. Reliance Fiduciary is obligated under ARS § 14-1104 to prudently manage the costs of administering estates (guardianships, conservatorship, trusts, decedent’s estates) entrusted to our care. It is the intention and practice of Reliance Fiduciary to document the valuable services our business provides to the person or estate.

Notice Pursuant to ARS § 14-5651
6. Reliance Fiduciary, LLC, Fiduciary License No 20809, holds an active fiduciary license issued by the Arizona State Supreme Court, Administrative Offices of the Court, and is subject to regulation by the program. The regulations governing licensed fiduciaries and fiduciary entities are specified in the Arizona Code of Judicial Administration § 7-201: General Requirements and § 7-202: Fiduciaries. The administrative rules as adopted by the Arizona State Supreme Court, include a Code of Conduct that all licensed fiduciaries are required to follow. Additional information may be obtained from the Arizona State Supreme Court at: http://www.azcourts.gov/cld/FiduciaryLicensingProgram.aspx